Trifecta: Chile Hates Me

Well, friends, I’m exhausted.

So here’s the Chile-hates-me trifecta of the day:

  1. I went to pick up my national identity card.  I waited in line for two hours.  Then they told me it wasn’t ready and to come back in 10 days.  It was supposed to be ready on October 23.
  2. I had to take the TOEIC.  (It’s like the TOEFL, but not as hard.)  A job that I’m applying for is actually requiring this of me.  Because two American degrees plus the GRE, SATs, andMTELs aren’t proof enough.  Regardless, the experience was entertaining:
      1. Number 2 pencils and eraser: $770.  
      2. Cost of the test: $36,000.  
      3. Experiencing the test administrator’s speechlessness when you raise your hand and say you’re from the United States: priceless.
  3. We don’t have our house yet.  Why?  Because the owner was married when she bought it, and even though she and her spouse are legally separated, the bank requires his signature.  Unfortunately, he went into a coma a couple of weeks ago.  WHHHHHATT?

And with that,

I’ll leave you to contemplate the manifold implications of this fortune cookie gem:

forest fires??


2 thoughts on “Trifecta: Chile Hates Me

  1. My Gods! Your challenges seem as great as mine and I haven’t even left the States yet!

    But your troubles underscore why I’m leaving the US to build a new life in the wilds of Chile. If you need anyone’s approval to move forward in life, you are being held hostage. Don’t give them that power when you don’t have to. Avoid it it whenever you can – that’s the same advice I gave my daughter.

    Best of luck to y’all with the house. I hope to build a log cabin when I arrive, so I only need the approval of the birds and squirrels that used to live in the trees.

    • Sound advice; I’ve been trying hard not to feel stagnant. It’s easier said than done! Bureaucracy has a great way of making you feel like a hostage, haha.

      Thanks for reading :)

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