!¡ Pico ≠ Beak; it’s less innocent than it seems

In other countries, pico usually means beak, pick (as in an ice pick), and peak (as in mountain peak).  So what does it mean in Chile?

  • Pico: You may have guessed it… pico means penis.  As do many other Chilean words.  So many.
  • Como el pico: This means something went terribly.  For example: “¿Cómo te fue en la prueba?”  “Como el pico.”  You’re literally telling someone your test went “like dick.”
  • La hora del pico:  The hour of the penis = really late at night.  As an English equivalent for “I arrived late last night,” I might say, “I got home at shlong o’clock.”  (Llegué a la hora del pico.)
  • El día del pico:  A day so far in the future that you might as well say never.  Like “I’ll call her back when pigs fly”… or the day of the D.
  • Hacer propaganda al pico:  This is a really uncouth way of saying someone is pregnant.  Please, never use it.  It means that she is spreading propaganda for the ol’ one eye.  It’s a tasteless expression… sorry I’ve sunk so low.

If you’re not sure what “ir rajao” means, check out my post “Let the Bullets Fly: Speed in Chilenismos.”

So there you have it, kids.  A smutty post all for your degradation and enjoyment.


2 thoughts on “!¡ Pico ≠ Beak; it’s less innocent than it seems

  1. Hace tiempo que no reía tanto al leer una explicación sobre nuestros modismos por un extranjero. Muy buen trabajo

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