Chilenismos of the Week!

From: Inciclopedia

As many of you know, Chileans speak a unique form of Spanish that is known in more technical circles of linguistic study as gibberish.  Part of this is the infamous Chilean accent, which, of course, varies slightly by region and, more notoriously, by class.  Another is the Chilean adaptation of voseo.  And then there is the lexicon, a mash of words adopted from Mapudungun, ascribed double or triple meanings, or strung together into idiomatic phrases that you won’t understand unless you’ve been to Chile.  In short, these are the Chilenismos.

I’ve taken it upon myself to spread knowledge of this language and expand its reach beyond its Darwinian isolation.

This will be a weekly post of about five words or phrases that I’ve been mulling over during the week.  ¡¡Warning: Some of these posts will deal with strong or vulgar language!!  I will mark them with “¡!” in case you are not interested in reading them.

Enjoy!  Feel free to post comments, questions, or requests.


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