Mixed Signals of Spring…

Today has marked three important signs of a coming change in weather.

  1. The first bloom has blossomed on the almond tree!
  2. I heard Edwin swear*, which meant…
  3. An araña de rincón was not far away.

Somehow, in spite of the recent frigid weather and several days of rain, the almond tree in front of my in-laws’ house pushed out dozens of precious green and barely pink buds last week.  And then pop!  The first dainty flower appeared, waving the still distant spring closer.

First almond bloom


No sooner had I snapped a picture of the flower than I walked in to the house to show Edwin… and that’s when I heard it.  Something about mothers and shells followed by a swift butterfly kick to the wall.  What you see below is all that was left of the Chilean recluse.

Squashed Chilean Recluse

So there you have it!  Spring must be on its way, what with the flowers and the spiders and stuff.

(*For those of you wondering, the last time I heard Edwin use that kind of colorful language was when we returned from our trip south and had a huuuuuge Chilean recluse waiting for us above the bathroom doorframe.)


One thought on “Mixed Signals of Spring…

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