Bierfest in the Pearl of the South

Ah, Valdivia, la perla del sur, Chile’s land of forestry, beer, and Germans.  Located in what used to be the Los Lagos Region of Chile, Valdivia became the capital of the newly created Los Ríos Region in October 2007.

When I first came to Chile, I remember being told that my home state, Vermont, sounded like el sur, the South of Chile.  I denied this possibility and continued to praise Vermont’s beautiful green landscapes, her rivers and lakes, her overcast skies and loving rains; I constantly ranted about the wonderful cheese back home, the delicious desserts and chocolates that Chileans simply don’t know how to replicate, our signature maple syrup, and, for you beer lovers out there… well, thanks for rating us the best in the world

Anyhow, on my first trip to Valdivia and the surrounding areas in 2010, I experienced none of this except cold, trees, and rain.  (Check out the post!)  This time around, I finally was able to see what people were talking about.  It still wasn’t as good as Vermont, but I can see why tourists flock to Valdivia to get away from the Santiago smog.  Namely, because of …


As I mentioned, German heritage is really important in Valdivia and the surrounding areas.  (My partner was named after his great-grandfather Eduvin—go figure.)  And what better way to celebrate this heritage than with a bierfest, complete with dirndl and lederhosen, dancing and accordions, lumberjacking, and all the wonderful things that German heritage represents.  Right? We headed to the Kunstmann Bierfest, an annual festival put on by one of the most recognizable Chilean beer companies.JUMP!

I’m not really sure what the show jumping was about, but we sat and watched a lot of horses jump over a lot of poles.

After that, Edwin and I were glad to pay about ten bucks to get into the biergarten, where we bought tickets to trade in for Kunstmann beer.  Nothing that really tickled my fancy—the Kunstmann Honig Ale was like a spoonful of honey, so that weirded me out a bit.  But I got a little Bavarian hat out of it, so I can’t complain.  I think the best that they had to offer was the Gran Torobayo, which is one of the better beers you’ll find in Chile.  Meaning… Chileans don’t really like hops.  And I do.

In ze biergarten


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