Too Good for a Fist of Five

To celebrate la Semana Santa ( they actually care about Easter here, even though they call it Passover (FAIL)), I headed north with five friends from Oasis to camp in the Valle del Elqui.  (Last time I traveled up here, we stayed in la Serena and Vicuña,  watched stars from some epic observatory, toured the Gabriela Mistral pisco distillery, and swam in the Pacific,  but I decided not to blog about it sorrrryyyy!).  But you know me, I never give up an opportunity to stay in a town named for a highly alcoholic beverage.

Anyhow, I wanted to present a clever list of occurrences, but unfortunately I’m such a shell of a person without Jumpstart that all I can think to do is this weekend’s pluses (+) and deltas ():

  • Bus rides
    • +  I wasn’t reading about violent organizations (what I was doing last time I was headed to La Serena… thanks, Sociología de Organización)
    • ∆  I wasn’t really doing anything “productive“–developing my philosophical autonomy and individuality is worthless (because I’m a woman…)
  • Campsite
    • +  The stars and fireside conversations were out of this world
    • ∆  The cars and quaint little house by our side were quite earthly.
  • Typical Chile
    • +  Palta.  Manjar.  Pisco.
    • ∆  Why hello, empty reception desk.
  • Food
    • +  Garlic cloves and apples roasted over an open fire
    • ∆  Kosher.  There, now I don’t have to explain what it is, and I maintain my right to not answer the why if I so chose.
  • Company
    • +  Nice mix of gringos and Chileans… yay Oasis!
    • ∆  2 blondes + 2 redbeards > 2 Chileans . . . People still yelled at us in English.
  • Hiking
    • ∆  We got utterly lost.  (Ha! I put the delta first!)
    • +  Utterly lost = horses, hiking up to a mirador with a cross, and Ranma 1/2
  • Holy week

Via Crucis —-sooo these seem to be a pretty popular thing in Latin American countries; at least, I feel I’ve heard about them primarily in Spanish classes over the last eight years of my life.  Oh wait, are they all Catholic?  Oh, yes they are.


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