Things I should have told you about Chile altiro

The only church that illuminates is that which burnsGraffiti is much more political/ meaningful here.  For example:

“Aquí se tortura!  Liberación animal!”  Here they torture!  Animal freedom!  written on the side of a university building

“No educación burguesa!”  No bourgeois education!

Estufita! Look at that fire.“La revolución es ahora!”  The revolution is now!  written across a Bank of Chile

It’s winter here.  Many of us weren’t intimidated at the thought of cold, 60-degree weather.  What we didn’t realize is that 60 degrees outside means 40 degrees inside.  Central heating doesn’t happen here.  In honor of that, here’s a picture of my new BFF, Estufita!

People kiss you.  It’s a cultural thing, really.  ;)  I, as a female, give a quick cheek-to-cheek to everyone when I say hello or goodbye.  At first I was confused because I thought maybe it was like shaking hands, which usually only occurs when you meet a person.  But it’s not really comparable to hugging in our culture, either, because hugging happens much less frequently.  If you’re a man, you don’t kiss other men.  Generally.  Sorry that you were confused, Charles.  But then, most of us were at least a little confused.  Sometimes I have awkward do-we-kiss-now? pauses…

Bippity boppity boop!

Transantiago consists of the metro (not the T!), micros, and bip! cards.  The metro stations are clean and generally pleasant; they frequently have art, including the amazing murals at the University of Santiago stop.  Then there are the micros, the extensive system of buses with certifiably insane drivers.  By extensive, I mean that they make up about half of the traffic on main streets and that you usually don’t wait for yours more than five minutes.  By certifiably insane, I mean they’re volvo drivers.  Yes, the micros are actually volvos.  And in order to use this great system, you just bip! your little card against the scanner and voilà!  You’re on your way.

Now the short and sweet things:

Yoghurt batido: it’s everywhere.  Beaten yogurt.  It’s thinner and more liquid-y, but tastes the same.  Drink up!  Oh wait, it has gelatin?  What?

All my condiments are in pouches!  They’re pouch-happier than Katy the kangaroo!  Jelly, mayonnaise, ketchup, all in pouches.

Manjar:  A sweet, caramel-like cream made from condensed milk and used as a spread. Basically dulce de leche.


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