What you mean you don’t want no meat?

What are they feeding me?

tomatoes, celery, carrots, cauliflower, beets, rice cake, and pity french fries

tomatoes, celery, carrots, cauliflower, beets, green beans, rice cake, and pity french fries

Usually empanadas, bread, and salad are served before the main course.  Salads take some getting used to.  All the veggies are separate and usually include shredded lettuce, beets, tomato, avocado.  Instead of dressing, you put oil, salt, and lemon on top and cut everything up!  Mmmmm.  Avocados are also mashed, salted and put on top of bread.

Fruit, srsly.  A lot of fruit.

Fried eggs are sometimes put on top of french fries… usually with meat.  This is called a lo pobre, for example, bistec a lo pobre.

Meat, meat, meat, and “ensalada vegetariana con ave”… vegetarian salad… with chicken?  OK.

At the supermarket, fruits, veggies, and bread must be weighed in the corner of the store somewhere before you try to buy them. Otherwise the cashiers, who are usually sitting and looking irritated, become even more irritated.  It’s ok, though, because 5 bananas cost me under 400 pesos… and a US dollar is somewhere around 540 pesos.

Speaking of bananas, they don’t make PB & banana sandwiches here, probably because peanut butter is in the imports section of the grocery store.

Breakfast is light, if it exists at all; lunch is a big meal served around 2 PM, and dinner happens after 9 PM at my house.  Sometimes we have tea, called las once, around 7 PM.  Sometimes I come home at 7 PM to find everything dark in the house and no sign of life… so I sneak away to my little cabin and am incredibly shocked at 9:30 when my host mother tells me it’s time for dinner…

Also.  One word.  Chirimoya.


2 thoughts on “What you mean you don’t want no meat?

  1. Cherimoya sounds amazing. As for survival in general, I don’t usually eat much more than bread, fruit, nuts, potatoes, corn and nowadays only occasional vegetables because they’re apparently bad for me if raw, and not always good for me if cooked. I would have to have toast with oil instead of margarine, probably, and skip cereal.

  2. Wow. I think that is the single coolest place a friend of mine is going this year…

    And why isn’t there cherimoya in American stores? I want some!

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