And now, here are some things that scream, “You’re in Chile!”

My first view of the city

There are dogs everywhere, especially in the metropolitan area.  Just chilling.  Or sometimes they run along side you for a couple miles on your morning run.

You can see the Andes, la cordillera, from anywhere in the Santiago area.

For some reason, you can’t buy normal notebooks.  In the USA, normal people can go to a normal store and buy notebooks that normally open side-to-side so you can write left-to-right.  They are also a reasonable size… say 11 x 8.5 inches.  The only way you can buy that notebook is if you want graph paper.  Otherwise they open up and down and are about 18 inches long.  Whatever.

Down the block from where I live is a beautiful park with running and biking trails, a playground, and a bunch of exercise equipment.  Like, elliptical and rowing machines.

Language fun bits: (this is said with the understanding that Chileans speak a Spanish only understood to them)

They add –ito to the end of everything (which means “little”), for example, “¿Quieres paltita y pancito?”

When referring to people, the say “la” or “el” before a person’s name… like “La Trini.”

Everything is “rico.”  Where’s Eric Stahl when you need him?


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