I don’t think they’re speaking English…!?!

Or Spanish, for that matter.  Here are some fun words that don’t exist elsewhere:

(Word—English/ should be)




Agüita—herbal tea/ té de yerbas


Bacán— means it’s goooood, kind of like a baller… like, “Yo, man, that’s ballerrrrr”

Piropos—flattery, cat calls: “¡Que linda la roja!”

Canuto—evangelist, bible-thumpin’


Fome–as in “¡que fome!”… lame, dull, boring.  I hear this all the time.  Probably because I don’t carretear(see above) enough.

Huevón… if you know Chile, you know huevón.  Similar to the word clemenche.


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